Brindami aims to stimulate the development of social behaviours (e.g., sharing toys, making a request, managing emotions) in order to promote the well-being of children in the interaction with others. The program proposes a special modality, namely the use of a puppet (Brindami) which directly addresses the children. The program was implemented for the first time in 1997 and since, over 80 000 children have benefited from the visits of the joyous and energetic little mouse in their childcare centre. Two studies suggest that the program has beneficial effects. In the context of this project, the program will be enhanced (Brindami+).

The Incredible Years®

The Incredible Years® program aims to help parents improve or develop concrete strategies to support them in their parental roles. This program has been used across the world for 30 years to promote the development of harmonious parent-child relationships, better problem-resolution skills, and better communication within the family unit. It consists of 14 meetings of approximately 2 hours, during which parents are invited to watch video vignettes presenting parents interacting with their children in daily life situations. Discussions, practices, and experimentation of new parenting strategies are then proposed.